• KCA-R200
  • KCA-R200
  • KCA-R200
  • KCA-R200
  • KCA-R200

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Wide Quad HD допълнителна задна камера

Rear Window camera with 3.7 megapixel 'Wide Quad HD' resolution • Vertically ajustable Lens • 161° Ultra-wide viewing angle • Compatible with DRV-A601W •

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Основни характеристики

1/2.8 CMOS
F2.0 лещи с фиксиран фокус
161° поле на видимост диагонално
Quad HD резолюция на запис (2560 x 1440px @ 30fps)
Високодинамичен обхват (HDR)
180° Настройващ се ъгъл на лещите
Монтаж чрез залепване
Допълнителна камера за DRV-A601W


3.7 Megapixel Wide Quad HD Recording

With its 3.7 megapixel CMOS sensor the KCA-R200 captures Wide Quad HD video at 30fps, 1.8 times as many pixels as Full HD, making super-high resolution recording and replay possible.


180° Rotational Lens

The 180° Rotational Lens give you total installation flexibility and provide a proper view for various angles of the rear window. Adjustable Lens Angle


Wide Viewing Angle

The rear camera features a wide-viewing angle lens with a horizontal angle of 129º, vertical angle of 66º, and diagonal angle of 161º. The recording range at the rear of the vehicle expands in all directions to ensure nothing escapes the shot.